Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 7, Part 2: Vytor the Gasser

The party fights their way to the east tower of the fortress, but the hobgoblins start an oil fire and smoke them out. They ascend to the roof and see Vytor standing on the roof of the central keep, not far away. He is full of nonsense about the divinatory power of mists or something, but he casts a deadly Cloudkill spell, and the party has to climb quickly down the tower on ropes to evade it.

Inside the keep, the party fights their way to Vytor's inner sanctum. Gwindle rushes ahead and is knocked out with a Sleep spell. The rest of the party kills Vytor after a long and difficult battle.

Chumsalt puts on Vytor's robe and wizard hat and dismisses the hobgoblins remaining in the keep with a clever ruse. The party loots Vytor's room and sets off a poison gas trap. Attempting to heal the victims, Grabathor feeds them unidentified potions. Chumsalt is temporarily transmuted to gaseous form. An inventive application of the Create Water spell saves the other victim, Gwindle.

Meanwhile, the hobgoblins who were out raiding return to the fortress.

The party goes downstairs and fights more hobgoblins, briefly explores the basement (a giant arachnid motivates them to leave), then finally makes their escape by casting Light as a distraction and running like hell.

Outside, the party finds their horses, but discover that Geen has died from wounds sustained from combat with hobgoblins. They transport her body back to Guffin.

Utter uses up 2 bandages, 3 sling bullets. 
Gwindle loots an old book (A Sojourn Through The Outer Planes, by Aelfmathar the Younger), uses up 2 arrows.
Grabathor uses up 1 oil flask, 8 arrows, 1 rope, 3 iron spikes.
Hinonk loots a shortbox and 6 arrows, uses up 6 arrows.
Chumsalt uses up 1 rope.
Gnaurm uses up 1 rope, 1 bandage.

All party members consume 1 day of rations.

The party loses their wagon but acquires a rusty key, 1 pack, 1 blanket, 1 shovel, 1 lantern, 2 oil flasks, 1 waterskin, 4 standard rations, 1 portable Balder shrine, 557 GP, 134 SP, 15 CP, 20 arrows, 8 assorted gems worth 1500 GP, 2 diamonds worth 1000 GP, a pearl necklace worth 300 GP, a ruby brooch worth 475 GP, 2 gold goblets worth 300 GP (as a set), a silver case worth 10 GP, a fine carpet worth 100 GP, a brass telescope worth 100 GP, some fine clothes worth 80 GP, a mildewy book protected by a heavily-trapped strongbox, 4 scrolls (Cloudkill, Conjure Elemental, 2 Stinking Cloud), Vytor's golden crook-ended staff, Vytor's Parzian scarab headdress that functions as a Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading Magic, Vytor's quilted embroidered robe, Vytor's silver ring, Vytor's silver and jade amulet, an inscribed ceramic dagger, 4 glass vials, an ashwood wand, a yew wood shortbow, an iron mace with a ram's head, and a chamber pot holding Vytor's severed head.

All party members gain 4,847 XP each.
All party members except Gwindle gain 50 XP.

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