Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 3: The Barrows

The party walks north to the river Fyne and is met by an eel fisherman with a thick Jermal accent. Though he takes them for "cack-eating graverobbers," he agrees to ferry them across the river for a decent sum of gold. They are forced to leave Thrim the mule behind, but promise to return for him in three days.

Soon after, the party reaches the barrowlands. Scouting ahead, Gwindle and Utter encounter a foraging goblin on his way home. The goblin, Throkgobble, panics and attacks them, and is slain.

Searching for the Tumulus of Chalmaber, the party meets a hooded woman who seems to be praying at one of the barrows. She advises them to leave and leave the resting spirits undisturbed, but the party is persistent and eventually she tells them where to find Chalmaber's tomb.

The entrance to the crypts is blocked by rubble with various holy symbols set in it. Grabathor takes them all. The party makes its way inside, past a large bronze door to an antechamber filled with thirty two fearsome statues, and realizes Donna has gone missing. They go outside to search for her, but she cannot be found anywhere, and there are goblin horns sounding to the north. They go back into the crypts.

The party uses two iron spikes to semi-successfully hold open the two bronze doors at the crypt entrance. Past the antechamber, the party descends deeper underground, to a hall with a ledge on one side and a pit full of spikes on the other. Fearing a trap, Utter descends into the pit with a rope to avoid the ledge, but triggers a pressure plate that releases poison gas, knocking him unconscious. The party hauls him up. Chumsalt ties a rope to Gwindle and throws him to the far end of the ledge. The rope is secured to door hinges on both ends, and the rest of the party holds on to the rope and crosses the ledge. A Push spell triggers as they cross the midpoint of the ledge, but they keep hold of the rope and safely cross.

The next room is a vast chamber with painted reliefs depicting scenes from Chalmaber's life on the walls, and a stone sarcophagus in the middle guarded by three apelike skeletons, who animate and attack the party.

Meanwhile, a dwarf priest named Gnaurm is fixing up a watchtower in the village of Thantry on the north shore of the Fyne, east of the barrowlands. The hooded woman the party met, Sarah, comes home to the village and tells him of the group she encountered. Upon hearing that there were dwarves in the party, Gnaurm sets off to find them, making it as far as the second bronze door in the crypt.

After defeating the skeletons, the party decides to make camp for the night in the room where Chalmader's (now plundered, it seems) grave goods were kept. They search the room and find a vial full of liquid, a bronze dagger, and a necrophidius that attacks them. Unable to hit the evasive creature, Grabathor flings a bottle of lamp oil on the ground and Chumsalt sets it ablaze, destroying it. They retreat back to the sarcophagus chamber, where they rest for the night.

Gwindle gains 108 XP.
Utter gains 108 XP and uses up 2 of his iron spikes and 2 bandages.
Grabathor gains 100 XP and loots the following religious tokens: 3 ceramic flowers, 1 tin branch and 2 wood arrows of Balder, 1 ceramic Isis girdle, and 1 copper disc of Apollo.
Darren gains 100 XP and uses up the oil in his lantern.
Chumsalt gains 100 XP.
The party finds a glass vial of liquid and a bronze dagger.
The party pays 50 GP for ferry services out of the money they recently looted.
Each party member consumes 1 day of rations.
The rope the party looted is currently strung between two doors in Chalmaber's crypt.

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