Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 2: The Journey Begins

The party purchases supplies first thing in the morning, and Chumsalt bribes a ten year old half-orc girl to spy on the priest of Balder for him. They leave the city through the River Gate and walk north through farmlands.

After walking for a while, the party meets an amulet-seller. Chumsalt buys a pendant bearing a symbol of Balder.

Wading across a wide, shallow stream, the party encounters a brown frog the size of a bulldog. They carefully avoid disturbing the frog.

In the marshes north of the stream, the party meets another adventuring party: Brethan the human fighter, Valret the human magic-user, and their sideburned halfling friend whose name goes unmentioned. They are Guild members, returning from the barrowlands. They taunt and try to intimidate the party, and eventually demand that they hand over Grabathor's mule, Thrim. Valret begins casting a spell, and Utter lets loose with a sling bullet. It misses, but the two parties engage in combat. Utter takes a few blade wounds, Gwindle falls victim to a Charm Person spell, and Grabathor is singed by Burning Hands, but Grabathor crushes Brethan's head with a mace blow and Darren kills Valret with a touch of Shocking Grasp. The halfling surrenders.

The party interrogates the halfling. He explains that they gained entry into the Guild two months ago when Valret's brother, a ranking member, sponsored them. He says that he has little interest in the Guild himself, only joining because he was Brethan's companion, and that he would abandon the Guild and return to a life of petty thievery if released. He tells of goblins and undead in the barrowlands. Having taken charge of the interrogation, Chumsalt agrees to release the halfling, and gives him back much of the loot his party was carrying.

Though it is only mid-afternoon, the party makes camp nearby. Darren studies Valret's spellbook. During the night, marsh hounds consume the bodies of Valret and Brethan.

Darren pays 5 GP for a lantern, and transcribes Unseen Servant, Tenser's Floating Disc, and Sleep into his spellbook.
Chumsalt pays 5 GP, 10 SP and 1 CP for chalk, an amulet of Balder, and various bribes for the half-orc girl.
Utter pays 10 CP for 10 bandages, uses up 1 sling bullet and 1 bandage.
Gwindle pays 3 SP and 10 CP for pipeweed and 10 bandages, and loots a small knife.
The party loots 60 GP, a spellbook (containing: Find Familiar, Hold Portal, Sleep, Tenser's Floating Disc, Unseen Servant), 50' of rope, 2 small shovels, a pickaxe, 2 sleeping bags, and a canvas tarp.
Each party member consumes 1 day of rations.
The party gains 34 XP each, not including individual XP bonuses.

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