Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Character Death

As the party levels up, encounters stronger monsters, and vies for more exotic loot, so increases the risk of death. While I am not a believer in killing off characters on an unlucky roll or two, characters are not invulnerable. My position is that players of deceased characters should reroll and rejoin the game as soon as possible. To ease death's bitter sting, the following benefits are offered to replacement characters:
  • They start at the same level as the character that died
  • They get the standard new-character magical item allotment (currently one +1 item)
  • They also get 100 GP, 1 potion, and 1 additional magical item of the DM's choosing
And remember, it doesn't take very long to roll up a 1st edition character, so go ahead and charge that ancient black dragon when she flies in! #YOLO

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