Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 5: Return to Guffin

The people of Thantry ferry the party across the river, and they walk back to the hut of the Jermal eel fisherman to retrieve Thrim the mule. Heading south through the marsh, the party encounters a pair of axebeaks, who rush in to attack and nearly kill Gwindle. Darren neutralizes the threat with a sleeping spell.

On the road to Guffin, the party meets a bard and artist who calls himself The Snail. Gwindle buys a sketch of the party from him.

Outside of the city, the gnomish Juiblex cult is having a tent revival and potluck. Attempting to persuade them to follow the dwarvish goddess Bastion instead, Gnaurm informs the gnomes that chaos and destruction is the way of Juiblex, and the gnomes respond by rioting and letting the tent burn down. Chumsalt persuades Fnib, the de facto cult leader, to take his followers north to the barrows and clear out the Tumulus of Chalmaber to be used as a shelter for the homeless. Fnib agrees, with the caveat that they also convert it to a temple of Juiblex.

Back in Guffin, the party revisits the Many-Legged Flagon. Torvir is gone for the day, but a drunkard sells them his home address for 3 GP.

Torvir is saddened and disturbed by the state of his friend's remains, but he writes the party a letter of introduction to the Guild, as promised, and tells them to bring it to a fellow named Drimmo Woolfoot at the Golden Trestle Antiquities Exchange, a well-known establishment in the mercantile quarter. He also gives them 20 GP each as a token of his gratitude. The party returns to the Flagon to spend the night.

During the night, each party member receives a mysterious gift: a cloak for Utter, a sapphire worth 300 GP and a silver foreman's whistle for Grabathor, a silver arrow for Chumsalt, a cone of musky incense for Gnaurm, and a new staff for Darren.
Utter loses 1 sling bullet and receives a new blue cloak.
Gwindle pays 1 GP for a sketch of the party.
Grabathor receives a 300 GPV sapphire and a silver whistle.
Gnaurm receives a cone of incense.
Darren receives a staff.
Chumsalt receives a silver arrow.
The party pays 5 GP from its shared coffer for Torvir's address and food and lodging.
All party members gain 18 XP and 20 GP each.

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