Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 7, Part 1: Geen Vangiarda

The party awakens to find themselves confronted by four teenagers from Favor, the village they camped near. They ask what the party is doing there and explain that several of their family members were recently lost while traveling to Clover, a village on the Plain on the way to Oracle Rock. After the last group of searchers disappeared they sent a messenger to Guffin to ask for help, and were promised that somebody from the Guild would investigate. The party assures them that they are there to help. The villagers send them off with breakfast.

On the Plain, the party finds several fresh graves with wildflowers laid on them. They dig one up and find a hobgoblin who died from a deep slash to the chest.

From a distance, the party sees a burning building in Clover. They arrive and investigate to find the village devoid of life. Livestock lie dead in their fields. The burning building is full of the bodies of villagers who died violently. Inside some of the houses, other villagers lie dead with no obvious wounds upon them. They loot spare change from the houses and find a diary that speaks of hobgoblin raids, and a last stand from the villagers capable of fighting them.

Moving on to Oracle Rock, the party finds the doors to the Temple of Apollo bashed in, and all the human and elf temple staff dead in a heap inside. The idol and altar have been desecrated, the temple valuables plundered, and a message has been painted on the wall: "YOUR GOD IS VAPOR." The party tries to explore the cavern where oracles are spoken, but a cloudy, foul-smelling gas prevents them from going more than a short ways inside.

Proceeding to the fortress, they run into Geen Vangiarda resting behind some trees, and she informs them that their wagon is loud and noticeable and hobgoblin riders are on their way to investigate. She charges ahead and beheads one of the riders before they can engage the party. The hobgobglins are defeated, with one taken prisoner. Grabathor impulsively maces his head in, to Geen's dismay.

Geen has a plan to attack the fortress while the bulk of the hobgoblin force is out raiding. She intends to distract the remaining hobgoblins while the party enters the fortress. The party goes along with this plan, fighting off five hobgoblins on their way in. Chumsalt is seriously hurt, but Gnaurm heals him. The party attempts to enter the east tower, but a hobgoblin blacksmith and his two assistants burst out of the door. The party defeats them, and they go inside...

The party loots (converted) 50 GP, 9 SP, and 3 CP from the houses of the dead in Clover. They also find a book of devotional woodcuts about Balder and a diary in Clover, and loot 6 oil flasks and 10 days of standard rations in Oracle Rock.
Chumsalt receives 6 arrows from Hinonk, who found them in Clover, and fires 4 arrows off fighting hobgoblins.
Grabathor uses up 1 flask of oil trying unsuccessfully to burn off the gas in the oracular cavern, fires off 4 arrows, and donates 2 tokens of Balder to a hobgoblin grave.
Utter expends 2 sling bullets.
The party loots 29 arrows from dead hobgoblins.
All party members gain 68 XP each.

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