Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 1: Meeting in Guffin

Chumsalt, Grabathor, Gwindle, and Darren meet by chance in the deminhuman quarter in the city of Guffin on the Great Plain of Eng. They see a priest of Balder preaching to a group of gnomes, and Chumsalt engages him in a theological debate.

The group repairs to the Many-Legged Flagon tavern. Skulking in the shadows, Donna follows them inside. They buy a drink for Utter, already seated inside, and he joins them. They ask Maita, the one-legged half-elf tavern keeper, where they might find work as adventurers. She advises them to join the Adventurer's Guild, run by the Count of Guffin's daughter. They wait in the tavern for Torvir, a regular customer who does contract work for the Guild, and who may be able to secure them an introduction.

While waiting, they meet Fnib son of Fnib, a gnome who converted to demonolatry after hearing Chumsalt debate the priest of Balder.

Torvir arrives and offers to recommend the party to the Guild if they will travel to the Tumulus of Chalmaber in the barrowlands to the north to recover the body of his friend, a Guild member, who died there. This friend was exploring the crypts and was killed by a blow to the head. His companion escaped, but was unable to provide much information about what exactly happened.

The party rents two rooms for the night, intending to set off for the barrowlands in the morning.

Chumsalt spends 2 GP on food and drinks in the tavern.
Utter spends 1 GP on lodging.
Darren pays 1 GP for 2 days standard rations and a waterskin.
All players gain 50 XP for successfully becoming a party.

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