Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 6: Imperial Road

In the morning, the party members split up to shop for new gear. Chumsalt finds the half-orc girl he hired to spy for him. She reports that the priest of Balder is engaged in many strange, nefarious, and not entirely plausible activities.

Meanwhile, Darren comes to realize that despoiling sites of cultural heritage and murdering members of the goblinoid races is not where his true path lies. He leaves the party for now to seek out his ogre heart.

The party meets at the Golden Trestle Antiquities Exchange. Inside, they meet Drimmo Woolfoot, who turns out to be the halfling they captured and interrogated in the marsh on their previous adventure. He blackmails them into either assassinating a rival Guild member sent to root out an evil ex-Guild wizard who has taken up residence in the Fortress of Narzod to the southeast, or completing the task out from under her, thereby humiliating and discrediting her. He also demands a large sum of GP as their buy-in to the Guild, stating that it will have to be considerably larger if they take the non-assassination option.

Gwindle asks around about the wizard and learns that hobgoblins have been spotted around the vicinity of Oracle Rock, a small but notable religious center near the fortress.

On the way out, the party meets Hinonk, a gnome illusionist and thief who asks to travel with them to Oracle Rock.

The party travels south along the Imperial Road, and stops at a roadside inn where they meet a half-orc mercenary headed back to Guffin after plying his trade for the warring city-states of what remains of Mez. He declines an offer to join them, but buys them a round of drinks.

Further down the road, the party finds a small village and sets up camp for the night nearby.

Chumsalt pays 21 GP, 1 SP, and 9 CP for a stylish ranger's hat, 5 standard rations, 5 iron rations, 60' rope, metal foreceps, chainmail gloves, 10 bandages, 5 small cloth sacks, a hand mirror, sausages for the half-orc girl, and roasted potatoes.
Grabathor cashes in his 300 GPV sapphire and from the proceeds, buys one wagon and two outfitted horses (named Spike and Moldy) for 236 GP. He also pays 11 GP and SP out of his personal funds to buy a cap, 12 arrows, a larger quiver, 2 flasks of oil, 10 iron spikes, a tinder box, 7 days iron rations, and a round of drinks.
Gwindle pays 12 GP and 7 SP for 7 days standard rations, 1 barrel, 1 fiddle of decent quality, 1 weeks' supply of pipeweed, and bribes to city guards.
Utter pays 6 SP for 10 bandages and a spare cloak.
Gnaurm pays 6 GP, 8 SP, and 5 CP for 100' of rope, 5 bandages, 3 flasks of oil, and 7 days standard rations.
Utter pays 9 SP for 10 bandages, a spare cloak, and a roast chicken.

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