Friday, February 6, 2015

One Month Anniversary

I left this comment on the MetaFilter Projects post today:

*Poke* Do Projects threads not close after 30 days?

Cool. Well then! This is the one month anniversary of the First Edition AD&D Game On Twitter That I Should Have Thought Of A Pithier Name For. Some statistics:

Tweets from DM: 4,061
Total players: 10, 8 currently in game
Followers: 110
Special guest NPCs: 7
Dungeons crawled: 2, on their way to third
Blog posts: 22
Additional play-by-Twitter D&D games inspired: 1

This has gone quite a bit better than I expected! I will be sticking with this for as long as there are players interested in continuing with the campaign, it's been tons of fun and a perfect receptacle for my creative impulses and phone-fidgeting compulsions. I've got a big-picture story arc shaping up and if the party levels high enough they'll be running through some of my favorite adventures from Dungeon Magazine and maybe a few classic modules too. Thank you, everybody, who has been playing, contributing, following, commenting, etc. I don't think this would have gone anywhere without MetaFilter.

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