Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Days 8, 9, 10, and 11: Joining the Guild

The party goes back to the Golden Trestle Antiquities Exchange and meets with Drimmo. He assumes they killed Geen for him, and he's pleased. The party does not correct him. They talk him down to a 4,500 GP sponsorship fee and he gives them a time and place to meet for their official induction into the Guild. They have three days to kill.

Gwindle disappears for a while.

Grabathor buys a new wagon and hires a driver and a guard (Ben the elderly half-orc pit brawler) for it. He also pays a witch to identify the amulet (she's pretty sure it's an Amulet of the Planes) and tell the party's fortune (they're going to embark on a profitable venture and make new friends).

Chumsalt attends Geen's funeral dressed in a black robe and Vytor's scarab mask to observe the priest he has suspicions about.

All the while, everyone has a sense that somebody is watching or following them.

On the third day, party gathers at a nice house in the garden district, where they meet Adrumel, the half-elf Sword and Rod of the Guild, and Lady Blyneth, the human Veil and Star. They participate in an initiation ceremony before a shrouded idol and pledge to serve their brothers and sisters in the Guild.

Afterwards, the party meets at the Wormy Dregs tavern in the Old City district, near the Guild House they'll be staying at from now on. They go to the Guild House and turn in for the night.

The party sells all scrolls, Vytor's spellbook, and all non-magical loot for 6,544 GP. They spend 21 GP from shared funds for lodging, food, and magic item identification. They also pay 4,500 GP to Drimmo to sponsor their Guild membership, then divide 2,400 GP among themselves. Each party member receives a share of 400 GP.

Gwindle spends his entire 400 GP share on a mysterious personal errand.

Grabathor spends 123 GP, 1 SP, and 7 CP to buy 1 10' pole, 5 silver arrows, 8 arrows, 1 50' rope, 1 small silver mirror, 4 iron spikes, 1 silver cloak, 7 days' iron rations, to have his fortune read, and for identification of the Amulet of the Planes. He also covers Gwindle's share of the wagon purchase and gives 1 Balder flower token to Lady Blyneth.

All other party members, except for Gwindle, pay 25 GP for their share of the wagon purchase.

The party hires a human teamster named Talwart and an old half-orc pit brawler named Ben to drive and guard their wagon, respectively. They each work for 5 SP per day.

All party members receive 17 XP each (corrected loot XP).

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