Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 18: Monsters in the Hold

After waking, the party explores the south corridor from the cistern room and encounters a gelatinous cube. They slay it, and find it was blocking the way to an armory full of weapons in sets of twelve: halberds, longswords, short swords, shields, daggers. One of the short swords is +1 enchanted; Utter takes it. Searching the room, the party finds a trapdoor containing a large cabinet resting on a pressure plate. They hold down the plate with the halberd poles, lift out the cabinet, and pile weapons on top of the plate to keep it down. Inside the cabinet they find a priceless treasure: twelve sets of elven chainmail. Only Utter and Taniya can fit into them, however.

The party explores the north corridor from the cistern room and finds an animated stuffed stag with silver antlers and glowing blue eyes. It attacks them, and they defeat it. Past the stag they find stairs going down, and decide to backtrack and explore those later.

Winnpernickel goes up to check in on Sora, who offers to bury supplies and a map for the party if they aren't ready to leave with her by nightfall.

North of the entry room, the party finds spiral stairs that descend 50' to a lower level. They go down and head north to a room that has been burrowed into by two giant boring beetles. After a harrowing fight with the beetles, the party continues north to a huge chamber containing a pair of sword-wielding statues, a long pool of water, and two dome-shaped stone huts. Three gray oozes emerge from the pool and attack the party. Inspecting the pool afterwards, the party finds a magical vase that pours water and never runs dry.

Opening the left hut, the statues come to life and attack. After destroying them, the party finds another mummified elf in the hut, with a silver sword on his chest. The party decides to rest, and debates going back to town and returning to the hold later. They go back outside and talk to Sora, who is worried that if the party takes too long to finish their business here, others may find out about the hold. The party decides to camp out near the hold entrance. Sora goes back to town with Thrim.

Taniya uses up 1 oil flask and acquires 1 rusty dagger and a suit of elven chainmail.
Utter acquires a short sword +1 and a suit of elven chainmail and gives Taniya's longsword +1, which he was using, to Chumsalt.
Chumsalt takes Taniya's longsword +1 from Utter and gives his Ring of Protection +1 to Grabathor.
Grabathor takes Chumsalt's Ring of Protection +1.
Eryn uses up 1 torch and takes the Ring of Protection +1 found on one of the mummified elves.
Hinonk loses 5 darts to gray ooze corrosion.
Grabathor loses 3 arrows to gray ooze corrosion.
Gwindle loses his scimitar to gray ooze corrosion.
Grabathor uses up 2 bandages.

Gwindle, Gnaurm, and Hinonk each get 67 XP for fighting a reanimated stag.

All party members consume 1 day of rations.

All party members gain 1,762 XP.

The party loots 11 GP, 9 SP, 5 CP, an ivory bracelet worth 25 GP, a silver short sword worth 150 GP, a potion of healing, a Decanter of Endless Water, and 12 suits of elven chainmail (2 of which are claimed by Taniya and Utter as noted above).

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