Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 21+: Departures

After they arrive back in Guffin, Sir Bartheon informs the party that Lady Blyneth would like to have the artifact found in the Hold personally delivered to her, and he escorts them to a brunch she is holding in the courtyard of an expensive garden district house. Drimmo, having waylaid the party in the Guild House to ask how the expedition went, goes along with them and tries to take credit for the party's success during the brunch, much to Taniya's irritation.

Blyneth inspects the artifact, praises the party's competence, and laments that after studying it, they will have to have it destroyed, as she believes it to be dangerous. She makes remarks suggesting that she hears the same voices Hinonk heard when he handled it, but they don't seem to faze her.

Afterward, the party liquidates the non-magical valuables they found in the Hold, including eight suits of elven chainmail, and does some shopping.

Eryn and Grabathor take their boat on the river to try it out. They take it to the town of Eel Fork, leaving the horses with Ben, and drift west with the current for a while, dragging a fishing net behind them. They encounter a nixie, who tries to entice Grabathor into the water, but Eryn recognizes the creature and kills it with a Magic Missile. They pull up their net and grill up the eel and three prawns they caught on their way back. They pass a raft with two children on board: Wes and Zoey, who are running away to start their own village where children make the rules. Intending to bring them back home, Eryn shoots their raft with a Magic Missile, destroying it. She swims over to rescue them, but they cling to her arms and they start going under. Grabathor turns around to save them. Meanwhile, a nearby fisherman rows over and jumps in to pull them up. It's the same fisherman who ferried them to the Barrowlands weeks ago. He pulls Eryn and the children into his boat and accuses Grabathor of being a river pirate and a slaver. He jumps onto the party's boat and fights Grabathor, who manages to disable him with his net and knocks him out cold. They put him back in his boat and sail back to Eel Fork with the children, who they deliver to the city watch in Guffin.

Meanwhile, Chumsalt buys some adornments for his hat, including an old Guffin Rangers Association patch. Intrigued, he asks around and finds out that the GRA, which disbanded many years ago, used to operate out of a lodge just outside the King's Gate that is currently occupied by the Inn of the Reclining Gynosphinx, a worker-owned co-op brothel. He investigates, and meets the bouncer, a half-orc named Gunch, and the general manager, Shawna. He asks if he can rent out a vacant room to restart the GRA, and after bringing the matter up in a staff meeting, Shawna agrees. Chumsalt sets up shop in a first-floor room and brands himself as Chumsalt Wilderness Investigations.

A few days later, a letter is delivered to Grabathor's room, addressed to "Foreman, Drimmo's Company." It's a letter from Lady Blyneth, informing them that she would like them to take their new boat to North Porttown to investigate a situation there. She has sent Drimmo on ahead to meet them there, believing that he is feeling underutilized and that for him to accompany the party on their next adventure would be beneficial for everybody. She tells them to get there in two days and that Drimmo will fill them in on the details of their assignment.

However, three members of the party will not be going. Winnpernickel, freed of her obligations to babysit the party, turns her attention back to her own Guild affairs. Utter returns to Treebrane, determined to find a resistance movement there to cast off the influence of the drow. Gwindle heads down to Favor to help the plains villages rebuild.

The party trades 8 suits of elven chainmail to the Guild for 10,000 GP and a waiver of their assignment fee and sells all other non-magical loot (GP values already itemized in previous updates).

The party divides 11,700 GP from the communal fund, each taking a share of 1,300 GP.

The party identifies the myconid king's staff as a Staff of Curing with 10 charges. Hinonk takes custody of it.

Eryn casts Find Familiar and receives a screech owl familiar, Talon (3 HP).

Taniya buys a light warhorse named Starburst, and riding gear, for 167 GP.

Grabathor buys chainmail, a spiked buckler, a harpoon, and a spyglass for 190 GP; and pays Ben 6 SP for wages and a meal of baked eel.

Grabathor and Eryn purchase a longboat with a sail together, contributing 75 GP each. They name the boat "Not Drimmo's Slavers."

Chumsalt buys a Guffin Rangers Association patch, a Ward Against Hat Loss, an axebeak feather, a leather strap for his hat, 3 chairs, 1 table, 1 bowl, 1 engraved plaque, stationery, 1 year of office rent, and 1 year of prepaid labor from Gunch for 14 GP, 5 SP.

One night, a mysterious gift-giver (later revealed to be Gwindle) leaves the following items for the party: 1 banded drinking/blowing horn for Grabathor, a fine longsword scabbard for Taniya and Daemonrazor, an elven belt, wineskin, and backpack for Utter, a silver symbol of Bastion for Gnaurm, an ivory pipe carved to resemble a rabbit for Hinonk, a new fiddle for Gwindle, a jar of 3 dead mice pickled in healing potion for Eryn and Talon, 2 sets of quality gaming dice for Winnpernickel, 11 silver arrows and a set of phosphorescent chalk for Chumsalt.

Gwindle spends 174 GP on presents.

Gwindle gets 100 XP for gift-giving.
Eryn and Grabathor gain 93 XP each for their side adventure on the river.

Utter, Winnpernickel, and Gwindle leave the party.

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