Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 16: The Road to Treebrane

The party goes shopping in the morning and sets off for Treebrane. The trip is uneventful until the halfway point, when they find a saddled horse running off riderless. Grabathor dispatches Talwart the teamster to ride Margrit and recover the horse. Talwart never returns.

Proceeding to the Inn of the Crossroads, the party finds it smashed to pieces and all its staff and patrons dead. An investigation reveals a hill giant in the throes of some deranged melancholia to be responsible. The party attacks him with darts and arrows, fatally injuring him before he can land a blow on any of them. Despondent, the giant throws himself "into" an illusory pit created by Hinonk. As he lays dying, he utters some foreboding words in Ogrish about "little races" always "tampering," and that "it will come for you." A passer-by takes in the scene and promises to bring word to Guffin.

The party stops at the Lusty Owlbear tavern down the road for a meal and to gather some information about Treebrane. They reach the city not long afterwards. A pair of bandits tries to shake them down for money, but Eryn levitates one off his horse and they surrender to the party. The party takes one of their horses and names him Ant.

A few small items are stolen from the party's wagon as they circle the wooden palisade surrounding the city to reach the lodge of the Ranger's Guild. There they meet their contact, Sora Fauthnal, who tells them what she knows: some local druids found a large treestump in the forest, and began praying to it. Those druids, about twelve of them, went mad and started raving about rot and fungus and turned against other forms of nature. Rangers went out to investigate the stump and found a hidden cave entrance under its roots, and some Gray Elvish runes. There are rumors that a small group of Gray Elves stayed behind in Suprora after all the other left, to guard some mysterious artifact of great power. That is what the Adventurer's Guild has sent the party to look for, and Sora offers to take them to the stump in the morning.

The party wants to talk to some of the unaffected druids, so Sora's ranger friend Eragor takes the party into the city. They find the druid known as Old Licheneye resting at the Shrine of Pan. He doesn't have much information for the party, but he is very angry that the druids' problem hasn't been taken seriously by the government, such as it is, in Treebrane.

Eragor takes the party back to the rangers' lodge to rest for the night.

Grabathor buys 20 caltrops, 1 crowbar, 1 fishing net, 1 grappling hook, 1 pair of kidskin gloves, 1 machete, and 8 scarves for 17 GP, 1 SP, pickpockets a traveling merchant for 15 GP, 9 SP, and loses 4 arrows in combat. He distributes a scarf to each member of the party.
Gwindle buys 2 barrels and 3 bone dice for 2 GP, 1 SP, and loses 3 arrows in combat.
Utter buys wine for 5 SP and loses 2 sling bullets in combat.
Hinonk pickpockets Grabathor's tinderbox.
Eryn loots 17 GP, 9 SP, and 5 CP for herself in the wreckage of the inn.

The party loots 99 GP, 6 SP, 5 CP, 10 bottles of wine, a large number of potatoes, 1 silver dagger, 2 50' ropes, 4 filled wineskins, and some dragon skull fragments from the wreckage of the inn.

Gwindle gives 1 bottle of wine to Ben. Grugach children outside Treebrane steal 3 bottles of wine, 18 GP, 3 SP, 40 CP, and several potatoes from the wagon.

The party spends 1 GP, 6 SP at the Lusty Owlbear.

All party members gain 12 XP for looted treasure.
Gwindle, Hinonk, Grabathor, Eryn, and Utter gain 357 XP for defeating a hill giant.
Eryn gains 17 XP for personal looting.
Grabathor gains 159 XP for pickpocketing.
Hinonk gains 25 XP for pickpocketing.

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