Thursday, February 5, 2015

Days 12-15: Downtime

The party has a few days to kill while they wait for an assignment from the Guild. Chumsalt and Hinonk go out to patrol the Imperial Road and keep it safe from highwaymen. They encounter four goblins hiding behind a boulder with slings. They discuss various options for dealing with them until one of the goblins kills a rabbit and Hinonk, enraged, charges them. Chumsalt slays one and Hinonk incapacitates the rest with a Color Spray spell. They leave the goblins tied up.

Later on, the party meets Winnpernickel McGee, a Guild member who has been assigned to accompany them. Chumsalt is handed a letter informing him that the party (identified by the Guild as "Drimmo Woolfoot's Company") is to go to Treebrane to investigate a situation there. They will also be joined by another Guild member, Eryn Hebrook, who had petitioned to be included in any upcoming missions to Treebrane after she heard rumors that Gray Elf ruins had recently been discovered in the area.

The party meets its new members at the Guild House, and whiles away the night hearing stories and engaging in conversation with other members in the common rooms.

Chumsalt donates 30 GP, Grabathor donates 20 GP, and Hinonk donates 20 GP into shared party funds. Another 19 CP of goblin loot is added as well.

Gwindle buys 1 large cheese wheel for 4 GP.
Chumsalt buys 1 potion of healing and 1 suit of umber hulk hide armor (banded mail stats), and some small miscellaneous cheeses for 373 GP. He trades in his leather armor and uses up 1 rope.
Hinonk buys 1 waterskin, 30 darts, 50' rope, and some personal grooming items for 6 GP.
Utter buys 1 potion of healing and 1 grappling hook for 275 GP.

Chumsalt and Hinonk gain 29 XP each.

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