Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 34-35: No Longer Drimmo's Company

Lady Blyneth and several other notable Guild members and officials host a banquet for the returning adventurers at the Huntsman's Den, an old and reputable establishment in between the Old City and the garden district of Guffin. After discussing Drimmo's fate and their experiences in the island temple, the conversation at the table turns to the subject of Xalco, the beholder warlord conquering the fractured city-states of Mez. The Guild is concerned that he is destroying ruins that hold valuable relics, and Blyneth reveals that the mysterious (and absent) Guild officer known as the Cup and Mirror has furnished a list of the most important sites to explore before Xalco destroys them. Lissanth, a high-ranking Guild member and priestess of Isis present at the banquet, is concerned that a place known as the Tabernacle of Utu is not on the list.

Sir Bartheon and Lissanth both offer to sponsor the party now that Drimmo is gone. Bartheon asks them to tackle the first item on the Cup and Mirror's list, the Mastaba of Aptor. Lissanth asks them to seek out the Tabernacle of Utu for her. The party decides to go with Bartheon.

The next day, two priests from the Temple of Balder visit Taniya's house. They explain that they have heard the sword Daemonrazor, known in their records, was recovered by her and used to slay a bone devil. They ask her to bring it to the temple, where the Archbishop of Tar-Eng is visiting, so he can bless the sword. Accompanied by her partner Baella, she does so, and learns some of Daemonrazor's history in the process.

Eryn buys a mysterious puzzle box found by a gnome adventurer in the Barrowlands, opens it, and finds an enchanted axe inside. She sells it, deciding to remain in Guffin and continue her resesarch for now, instead of continuing to adventure with the rest of the party.

That evening, Bartheon visits the party in the Guild House to show them the location of the mastaba on a map and explain that their purpose is to recover a relic known as the Yellow Disc. The party does some library research afterwards, learning that Aptor was once the Archon of Kyros and that the Yellow Disc was a magical item he crafted with assistance from powers from the plane of Concordant Opposition to banish false gods from Kyros.

Daemonrazor is blessed by the Archbishop of Tar-Eng, becoming a longsword +2/+3 vs creatures from the lower planes.
The party sells all non-magical loot, distributing 1,625 GP to Taniya (who claimed the coral jewelry already) and 2,705 GP to all other party members.
Eryn buys a puzzle box for 2,000 GP, finds an axe +2 inside, and sells it for 2,600 GP. She buys a sling and 12 bullets for 1 GP, 5 SP, and returns the Bag of Holding to the party's custody before withdrawing.
Hinonk buys a box of caltrops, 6 silver arrows, and a quiver for 7 GP, 3 SP.
Taniya buys a hand crossbow, 20 quarrels, 2 vials of holy water, 1 small sack, and 2 days' rations for 451 GP, 5 SP.

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