Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 31: Downriver

Hitching their boat to a trailer pulled by Spike and Moldy, the party heads to the town of Fyneport to set sail. Leaving the horses with Ben, they head down the river towards Whalefish Bay.

While sailing, Grabathor attempts to pan for gold (not really understanding how panning works) but only manages to catch a giant leech. It lands in the boat and attaches itself to Eryn's leg before Taniya manages to squish it.

Further ahead, they are hailed by a boy fishing from a tied-up skiff, who is promptly attacked and dragged under by a giant pike. Taniya swims after the pike and manages to kill it, with help from Eryn. They pull the boy up, heal and resuscitate him, and take him back to shore, along with the pike, which will feed his tiny fishing village for quite some time. The boy's father invites them to stay and feast, but they press on.

The party crosses Whalefish Bay without incident, arriving at the North Porttown marina very late at night.

Taniya gives Ben 5 GP advance pay.
Hinonk loses 2 arrows in the river.
Each party member gains 31 XP.
Taniya, Hinonk, and Eryn each gain 94 XP for participating in the rescue.


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