Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 37-45: Haferan Cruise

Various things occur in the lead-up to the next adventure. Taniya meets with Gloomwing, who confirms that Aidan Mome is the Guild's Cup & Mirror and that he never seems to leave the Count's Keep. She also meets up with the half-orc girl Chumsalt tried to recruit as a spy, takes an interest in her life, and sets up a 600 GP trust fund for her by auctioning off grave goods they looted from the Mastaba of Aptor. The party attends a public speech given by the Count of Guffin to address fears about the situation in the south with Xalco the beholder warlord. The speech is interrupted by the couatls Chac and Yopat, who confront the count about the theft of the Yellow Disc and its subsequent destruction. Blyneth apologizes on behalf of the Guild. The couatls leave, warning of dire consequences for the breaking of the Disc, but Blyneth and the Count seem dismissive of their fears.

The party is called to a secret meeting with the master psionicist Collin Filchard, who shares their concerns about the Guild leadership. He knows of a ship en route to the southern coast of Hafer and suggests the party take it, as it will keep them away from the Guild while tensions and suspicions are running high, and afford them an opportunity to meet one of Blyneth and Aidan Mome's old companions, who retired to a fishing village down there and is the only survivor of their original adventuring company. The party agrees.

The next day, Gloomwing is found dead on the grounds of the Count's Keep, apparently of a broken neck from a fall.

While Gnaurm and Kylwin depart, two new members join the party, elf magic-user/thief Leif Lasstiwhyle and halfling fighter/thief Otto Fairweather. Otto makes arrangements for Baella and Rooth to stay with his cousin at a convent of Yondalla in halfling country while the party is away.

The party boards their transport, a Haferan diplomatic vessel returning from Tar-Eng. The journey is not terribly eventful, except for the very last day, when the rowers turn mutinous against the Haferan nobles and fighting breaks out on the ship. The party steals a canoe and makes for shore...

The party divides the shared loot, taking 1,080 GP each.

Again, the party receives mysterious gifts in the night: a bridle with fine detailing for Taniya, a deluxe sewing kit for Baella, a quiver with a rabbit design for Hinonk, a set of prayer beads for Gnaurm, sticks of high quality incense for Cymerick, a detailed scabbard for Kylwin, a bag of dog treats for Otto, and an engraved scroll case for Leif.

Cymerick sells his scale armor +1 for 1,600 GP, buys chainmail +1, a hooden lantern, flint & steel, a flask of oil, a backpack, and resoled boots for 3,310 GP, 3 SP.

Hinonk spends 4 GP to have a banquet delivered to Taniya's house to apologize for his behavior while he was charmed by the lamia, and buys a ward vs charms (+2 to save vs charm spells) and 1 pound of sausage for 800 GP, 4 SP.

Taniya tips Ben 1 GP for the delivery, buys 1 week of rations and 2 flasks of oil for 7 GP, covers the auction fees for Aptor's grave goods for 60 GP, buys a 10 GP gift for the Oldfords to look after her cat, and pays Ben 10 GP to escort Baella and Rooth to halfling country.

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